Monday, October 10, 2011

Love arosed from Expectations

You are as much of a reality to me
As a dream, an expectation
I’ve wrapped you into my future
Created emotions around my thoughts
Filled you into a mold of possibilities
And relaxed you into my vision
You are as much of a reality to me
As in the instants when I feel your breath
Tingle words down my spine
I have composed a whole life with you
And stopped my heart from beating freely
But in this real moment
I live with you
And only you
Fighting against my expectations
I read a doomed future into our lives
Completed by what-ifs and selfish desires
But you are real
As real as it gets and my heart falls for you
As much as my mind creates a perfect picture

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's best to go

He loved me for no reason at all
as he opened up to the horrors of his past
filled with misfortune and self-defeating prophesies
Complete LifeTime movie dramas of deceit
and I laid there
eyes wide open with a certain horror
overtaking me as if his past could emulate the direct result of our future
taking on his past lovers' shame
I remained; diligently listening
running my fingers down his chest
and it came to me
that it is best to go

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I feel like I am being seen

I feel like I am being seen
So clearly by you
You echo the thoughts that once filled my mind
You are seeing right through me
To the atomic strings of truth that make music in your heart
And you understand the glorious gift of me to you
And the smell of my neck
Scented deep into your wounds
You understand me
For what I am
And love me
For no reason at all